100 articles published!

BRANCH has just reached an important milestone: 100 articles published! At over 323,000 words, BRANCH is now more substantive than most published books.


Thanks to support from the Entrepreneurship Academy at Purdue’s Discovery Park (and help from Performant Software Solutions), I have completed a BRANCH plugin that will allow me to generate RDF for the site in such a way that the site can then be directly aggregated by NINES (nines.org) each month.  That may sound like a lot of tech jargon, so let me say simply that Performant has done a very neat thing for BRANCH—one click and immediate, no mess indexing of the entire site by NINES.  Click here to see what a search for BRANCH articles from within NINES looks like:


There should be no more than a month’s lag now between publication in BRANCH and aggregation by NINES.  The aggregation includes full-text searching—for example, this search for ‘event’ in BRANCH, from within NINES:


300 Strong

BRANCH now has 300 articles promised, though only 11 so far have made it through to publication on the site. Look for them to appear slowly but surely over the next two years.

BRANCH is live!

branchcollective.org went live for the first time on January 18, 2012.  Over the next few months, I will continue to populate the timeline and upload articles as they complete the peer-review and copy-editing process.